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  • I’ve never practiced a martial art before, is CVBJJ the right environment for me to learn?"
    Yes! Our classes are packed with students from a wide array of martial arts backgrounds. Some hold high rank in other martial arts, while for others, BJJ is the first art they have studied. CVBJJ is a welcoming environment. Regardless of your martial arts background, you are welcome to train, learn, and grow with us.
  • Do I need a special uniform to train at CVBJJ?
    Comfortable clothing like shorts and a t-shirt will be fine for your first day of training with us. Once you decide jiu iitsu is right for you, you will want to purchase a gi (training uniform).
  • Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at CVBJJ suitable for females?
    Absolutely! One of the main goals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the use of technique and leverage to control, protect, and even submit a much larger opponent. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for females to use for self defense—something CVBJJ specializes in teaching.
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